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and Supporters where we study God's Word, America's unique founding, and how both

must be considered in order to have a Safe, Peaceful, Prosperous Nation.

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"To whom much is given, much is required

in many ways & areas of life. "


This resume' is provided in response to many asking "who writes this stuff?" Readers have a right to know.


Christian, American, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Bible Study Student and Teacher, Youth Sports Coach, US Marine Corp Veteran, Writer, Business/Job Creator, Choir Singer, and Military Veteran Advocate.


"We should all use our God Given Talents, Experiences, and Gifts to benefit  others. It is essential that the Christian Foundation upon which America was established be reflected in our Government, in Business, in our Churches, and in our Families. Revival, Forgiveness.    -   Phil


Phil Morris has approached "Politics, Business, & his Faith" from the Christian / Patriot point of view since his teen years .


Phil Morris wrote the following in 1987 at a time when politics was as volatile and divided as it is today.

The advertised event drew over 1,000 to the Richardson, TX convention  center and thousands responded to the ads.

The Left / Right issues are still the same: Patriotism, Nationhood, Morality, Faith, Ethics, Liberty, and more.