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October 2020

Isn't it great that we will ALWAYS be a CHILD OF GOD and never His Equal. We can always go home with no shame or sense of failure.

As Christians, we are "Glory Bound" but we have the opportunity now to ADORE, PRAISE, and come into the PRESENCE of God through His Spirit.

Why vote for President Trump? Let us count the reasons.


Why I am voting for Trump/Pence I have mostly been silent about this election, because I have wanted to avoid confrontation with some of my friends. This election is too important for me to stay silent.

I am supporting Trump because of what he has done – actions are more important than words.

The Courts – He has appointed to the Federal Courts 218 judges who have pledged to act in accordance with my view of how government is supposed to work. Legislation is to come from congress. The role of the judge should be to interpret the law, not to make law.

Draining the Swamp – “The Swamp” is made up of bureaucrats who have populated the government, upper levels of the military, senior management of large corporations and the news media. I have heard people say the biggest lie is “I am from the government, I am here to help you.”

I have observed over the years that those in “The Swamp” don’t really care about what is best for the country. They have personally benefited from their positions of power at the expense of the rest of us. Trump is an “Outsider.” So am I.

To illustrate how “The Swamp: operates, I will share a story. The company I was managing was hired to complete the construction of the Prince George Station on the Washington, DC Metro line. The low bidder on the project went bankrupt and my company was hired by its bonding company to complete the work. The reason the first company went bankrupt was largely the result of harsh administration of the project by Metro. Soon after I became involved, I attended a meeting called by the new Director of the Metro. He informed all the contractors that there was a new day. He promised that the Metro would be fair and equitable in the administration of contracts. I left that meeting to have a conference with the lower level bureaucrat who was responsible for our contract. He said. “Don’t pay any attention to him. I was here before he was hired, and I will be here after he is gone. I will not change the way this contract is administered.” Most of the bureaucrats aren’t that transparent, but many act that same way. There is a whole level of government employees who are not elected and aren’t really accountable to the elected leaders. Trump is addressing that issue.

The Economy – I have personally benefited from the Trump economy. My primary business is being a part owner of Triton Marine Construction. We build docks and similar structures for the U.S. Government. The last three years have been good for the employees and the shareholders of Triton.

The Veterans Administration – I am a “disabled veteran” at the 40% level due to Agent Orange from the Vietnam War. For the past 50 years, I have avoided using my Veteran Benefits because the attitude at the VA seemed to be anti-veteran. Trump brought more positive change to the VA than I thought was possible. Many of my friends now prefer the VA medical care to what is available to them otherwise. I am actually considering going to the VA the next time I need care.

The military – Trump has been the first president who seems to be more concerned about the working members of the military than the top level officials. The permanent officer level of the military has more bureaucrats than soldiers. Trump consistently shows his appreciation for the fighting men and women but expresses disagreement with the “brass.” I like that.

Trade Agreements – While I am a proponent of “free trade”, I recognize that free trade requires freedom on both sides. Trump has been the first to recognize that many of our prior agreements were one sided and that American interests were not favored. I support the renegotiation of trade agreements.

Reduction of Regulations – We need regulations. What if there was no requirement that cars drive on a particular side of the road? The problem is that many existing regulations are unnecessary and nonproductive. When Triton Marine builds a structure for the Federal Government it will cost about 20% more than the same structure would cost for another owner. The extra 20% is the result of regulations. Much of the job growth in our country during Trump’s first term is the result of reduced regulation. Trump has caused all the government agencies to review their regulations a repeal those that are unnecessary. We still have a long way to go, but the direction is a positive one.

Support for the Traditional Family – Trump shares my views of the family.

Right to Life – We have never had a president who has openly acknowledged his belief that an unborn child is a person. Positive change will result from that acknowledgment.

Unnecessary Foreign War – Trump shares my view that the U.S. should avoid war if possible. The most effective way to do that is to have a military that is so strong that those who would like to do us harm know that they couldn’t win a war. I gave five years of my life for the Vietnam War that the U.S. did not want to win. We could have ended that war very quickly but sacrificed many lives to extend the conflict. Trump’s view is that the U.S. should never fight a war unless it wants to win. The military needs to be strong enough that we don’t have to fight.

North Korea – Do you remember how tough North Korea seemed four years ago? Have you wondered what Trump told the leaders of North Korea that cause it to behave? I don’t have access to the information, but I can speculate. I think he told Kim Jong-un, “If you misbehave the U.S. is prepared to blow North Korea off the map.” Peace through strength.

NATO – I love to visit the other members of NATO. Most of those countries are “friends.” But they have taken advantage of the U.S. taxpayer for many years. Why should we still be paying for the defense of Germany? Trump is insisting that the other members of NATO meet their promises and provide for their own defense.

Foreign Aid – I have never understood why the U.S. Government gives money to other countries that hate us and consistently vote against us in the United Nations. Trump has begun to tell other countries that if you want aid from the U.S., you must treat us well. That make sense to me.

The Wall – Linda and I have a winter home near the border in Arizona. We often hike in the desert near the border. Four years ago, it was not uncommon to see discarded backpacks and litter left by drug smugglers. That has changed in a very positive way. There has been a decrease in that kind of activity. Like you, I am still waiting to see how Trump will convince Mexico to pay for the wall, but I won’t be surprised when they do.

Law Enforcement – I honor those who serve us in law enforcement. So does Trump.

Taxes – I have paid a lot more in taxes (more than double) per year under the Trump Administration than I paid previously, but have enjoyed the lower tax rate. That is how tax policy is supposed to work. It works most every time it is tried – when tax rates are lowered, tax revenue increases. If anyone doesn’t understand how that works, I can explain more. Trump understand taxes, Biden does not.

Estate Taxes – I am 77 years old and have spent less than I have made all my life. One of my primary goals in life has been to The result is a sizeable estate. I have worked hard to provide security in retirement for Linda and me and for our children and grandchildren to get what is left when both of us die. The children and grandchildren will get more if Trump is reelected.

The Flag – the flag is a symbol for the U.S. I fly a flag in front of our house all the time. It shows my pride for our country. Trump honors the flag too.

Health Care – I agree with Trump’s approach to addressing the health care crisis by reducing costs. That is more important than arguing about who will pay for health care. Beginning on Jan 1. Health care providers will be required to tell patients how much their care is going to cost. That will allow us to competitively shop for health care like we do with other things we buy. I also support his executive order requiring that drug companies sell to Americans at a price that is the same that the drug is sold in other countries. That will have a dramatic impact on health care cost.

Education – We need competition in education. I am able to send my grandchildren to private, Christian schools but most people can’t afford to that. I support Trumps policy to provide school choice to all students. That policy will force the public schools to compete with the private schools. In my opinion the tax we pay for education should follow the student.

Policy vs Personality – My support for Trump is entirely based on policy issues – not personality issues. I know that some of my friends are turned off by his personality. I encourage all my friends to consider policy, not personality when they vote. Join Linda and me in voting 

                                       For Trump/Pence.


                      (90% Disabled Veteran. See Phil's RESUME )

I appreciate Dave’s statement as I have experienced many of the issues Dave writes about over my 71 years. Since I am not as nice a Dave, my approach and conclusions may be a bit different in that I put much of the responsibility for where America is today at the feet of my fellow Christians.

“IF YOU WERE ‘REALLY A CHRISTIAN” YOU WOULD BE JUST LIKE ME’:” To me the main thing we are instructed to NOT judge is the status of another in the eyes of God. To say “I just wish Trump was a Christian,” as one responder to Dave's statement said, seems to put our limited experience with someone up there above God’s Grace, God’s Mercy, Redemption, Restoration and other Powers of God. As one who believes that Salvation & Christianity are 100% based on Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, it saddens me to see Christians JUDGE another’s Christianity on the basis of what we see them doing or hear them saying at a point in time.

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID 20 OR 30 YEARS AGO. PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE.” Some want to limit the value of another based on the other persons LOW POINTS in life, and in Faith. If we do this, we should consider throwing out any of the Teachings of Paul, Peter, and others. What makes this even worse is that we know we shouldn’t but we do it anyway. We know God’s Ways are not our ways. We know there exists a sinful nature. We know all things are possible with God. It is easy to accept these principles for ourselves and those close to us. Sometimes we seem unwilling to grant it to others.

ON THAT NOTE … I met a man a couple years ago who is a Pastor, African-America, who has spent a lot of time with President Trump (Pastor Mark Burns ). We met quite by “Chance” in Dallas. He travels on Air Force One often and ministers to Trump. His first words to me were “What do you think about President Trump.” We spent the next 90 minutes talking faith and politics. Were YOU ever a “Baby Christian?” That is how this pastor described Trump.

GOD WORKS IN MANY WAYS IN THE LIVES OF INDIVIDUALS and He prepares us for what He has planned for us. Some are born into strong Christian families which in some ways is akin to being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. Others come to God kicking and screaming from about as far away from God as you could get. Our God is relentless is his search and calling to the “lostests” sheep.

BUT I’VE NOTICED SOMETHING. It often seems that sometimes those whose lives have blown up the most, those who fought against God the most, and those who traveled the furthest to finally find God, are the most appreciative and most understanding and experienced with God’s Mercy and Grace and most determined to finally seek to do God’s Will. We have all seen God use such men and women for His Glory.

FINALLY, God worked miracles in the lives of the Jews when He set them free and led them to the “Promised Land.” When they got there, they ignored what God had done for them and what God told them to do. They chose to NOT activate their faith. They ended up roaming around for quite some time. Our faith, in the Word of God, tells us how we can have a Blessed Nation in spite of the imperfections found within all Americans. God has even blessed us with a nation in which we can select our imperfect leaders. Virtually all Godless people will vote. It is said that 25,000,000 Christians do not vote.

I will exercise my faith, pray, and vote for TRUMP again. But don't get me started.

Here are some of this weeks Political issues and discussions.

THE BIDEN RULE: "You're gonna have to elect me to find out what I would do if elected."

The DEM PARTY is a mish-mash of every out-of-touch-with-reality small minority point-of-view on every conceivable issue that will never be satisfied.



.... Is met by some White People who disagree with them on issues, it is only the Whites who can be racist's.


How long did those who attack White People, America, Our Flag, Our Culture, Our Economic System, Our Constitution, Our Law Enforcement, Our President .... think Proud American's were going to just stand by and let them destroy our Nation?

WASN’T IT NICE Of TRUMP TO COME TO BIDEN’S AID.. times in the debate when Biden was clearly having a “MOMENT” of confusion and Trump jumped in and started talking to give Biden time to catch up and realize where is was and what he was doing?

Trump deserves another award


In a typical year, 2015, 57 MILLION DIE.

It is estimated that less than 10% of the 1 million died SOLELY of COVID.



.... we’re not enacted by the American People by vote or Representative. They came about by JUDGES ILLEGALLY LEGISLATING:

1- Baby killing

2- Gay marriage

3- Nation Non- Working healthcare

4- Illegal sanctuary cities


.... Democrats interpret Trumps Taxes as we should be concerned that TRUMP BUSINESSES may have $400million in debt to other nations .... and BIDEN FAMILY MEMBERS have made BILLIONS IN CASH PROFITS from CHINA, IRAQ, UKRAINE, and others.


1- “This president appears to have over $400 million dollars in debt. To whom? Different countries? What is the leverage they have? So for me, this is a national security question,” Pelosi said.

2- CHINA holds $1.2,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) of America's debt. No Security Risk?

(1) Which Big Eight accounting firm prepared TRUMPS taxes while consulting with the IRS?

(2) How many of those years was TRUMP audited by the IRS and found to have done nothing wrong?

(3) Under OBAMA 32% of BIG CORPS paid no taxes


REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA SAID “there is no reason why anyone needs to make more than $500,000/year?

Let’s start by applying that concept to professional athletes, Hollywood Actors, and MSM News talking heads and commentators.


Protest/Riot leader actually admitted that it was other Blacks who helped round up, sell/buy slaves, bring them to America and said that the Black AG in Kentucky was just like them. AMAZING!! She will want to get that truth back huh??


They will say she will try to force her faith on others.

The only way for someone to become a Christian is by FREELY CHOOSING TO DO SO.

We all have the opportunity to see a GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN. We have ways to "Give To The Lord." One may work hard to accumulate wealth in order to have the resources to help others as the need arises. Another may have no desire to accumulate wealth but has found ways to give it away along the way of life. As long as we have sought God's will in our lives, no one can criticize us for not doing life the way they would have done it.

What does God's Word tell us about The Body of Christ, His hands His Feet, the Eyes the Ears. 

So, who cares what Phil Morris has to say?

"Call Reluctance"

All of the businesses I had in my career required new business customer acquisition. Sales & Marketing. New people would come into work in my businesses and fail because they could not call on people. Some felt they were not qualified. Some thought they were not worthy. Some couldn't stand someone rejecting them or telling them "NO". Some were habitual liars and thought they had to lie and were caught. Some had been told by others that they could not succeed. Some were told there is only one way to be successful, they couldn't do that, and they chose not to "Improvise, Persevere, and Overcome."

I have found that our Witness & Christian Testimony is very much like this. God has created us to be different, to do things in different ways, to reach people differently all of whom would never have been reached in just one, uniform way. We don't all like the same color. We don't all like the same music. We don't all prefer the same style of preaching.

Example: How different were Jesus' Disciples? 

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