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Elections - Many FACTS & STATEMENTS you may have missed.

President has many times condemned Racism, Bigotry, & White Supremacy.

We have provided below numerous times that Biden, Hillary, and others expressed their racist tendencies. 

They want you to think TRUMP did something wrong in Ukraine. NOPE!! That was Biden. Here it is in his own words as he implicates Obama in the scam.

COVID19 - Who said what? Trump shut down travel from China and was attacked by every Democrat. Later he was credited with saving hundreds of thousands of lives. 

Trump does in 3 years what others have promised for 40 years

"Criminal Justice Reform"

Again Trump accomplished in less than 3 years what Lifer-Politicians failed to do in 40 years.

"From The Horses Mouths"

Videos Of Truth For Those Who Don't Spend All That Much Time Keeping Up With America Or Who Tend To Get Their Info Through A Liberal / Globalist / Filter

"Fundamentally Change America"

This is not what we elect Presidents to do.

Obama accomplished nothing for those he promised to help.

In Three Years Trump did more for America than Obama did in 8 years.

Obama - Politics at a funeral 

Isn't it funny that the Dems had 8 yrs of Obama & 8 yrs Bill Clinton w/Dem Control of DC and all these Democrats many who have served for 20-30 years and, based on what THEY say, accomplished ZERO of the things they now say only BIDEN can accomplish because Trump didn't? Yet, EVERYONE was enjoying the lowest unemployment in history in {3 yrs under TRUMP before China stepped in to help the Democrats.

Islamic woman tells the TRUTH about Muslim plans for America.


and defeated Communism by NOT SUPPORTING Russia economically.


emboldened China by transferring TRILLIONS of our wealth in hopes of peace but built an enemy

PRESIDENT TRUMP is ending it.


German Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, Russian Commies, Chinese Commies, N Korean Commies. Cuban Commies all started with a small minority becoming violent & making insane demands which IF MET would end the violence.

The difference: WE HAVE GUNS

COVID-19 Short Clips of the Most Important Findings

COVID-19   Short Clips of the Most Important Findings

Biden, Clinton, & Democrats Supported Long Term Incarceration For those TRUMP has Released From Harsh Jail Time.

IT'S SAD . . . 

. . .  that as protesters act, they actually don't know, or care,  that TRUMP was elected to work against the very SWAMP/SYSTEM that created exactly what they are protesting against. Never Trumpers on the Right & Far Left Democrats all stood against Trump for their own selfish reasons.

-Trump reversed unfair sentencing

-Trump lowered unemployment

-DEMS caused the problems in BAD COP cities

-Trump ended sending jobs & $Billions to China

-Trump seeks to end continuous costly wars that are never won

-Trump stands against anti-God New World Order promoters


Some Can Be Reasonable & Know Disbanding Police Is Insanity

Obama Calling For Violence

There is only one way America is designed to make changes and that is at the ballot box. However, Communists have never been elected .... they have always use violence to implement their minority views and goals. Millions were killed in Russia, the "Iron Curtain" nations, China. Cuba. N Korea. Vietnam. Cambodia.

 Biden: "China Going To Eat Our Lunch? Come on man!"

Mr. Biden .... China ate out lunch, killed Americans, wrecked our economy, while you and your son made BILLION$

Truth About Policy

Truth About Economics

Many Americans Have Never Heard These Statements

"Bring To Heel"

Hillary supports her husbands bill to increase prison sentences on "SUPER PREDATORS" some who were  incarcerated unjustly and have BEEN SET FREE BY PRESIDENT TRUMP.

"From The Horses Mouths"

Videos Of Truth For Those Who Don't Spend All That Much Time Keeping Up With America Or Who Tend To Get Their Info Through A Liberal / Globalist / Filter

Right!! Nothing "Racist" About Biden

"Planned Overwhelm Of  The System"

We see it all the time .... CREATE a crisis beyond our ability to handle it all at one.

Think all this happen on a whim with no long range strategic, incremental plans to destroy America? Why don't they submit their plans and objectives to the voters? Because COMMUNISM IS NEVER VOTED IN and has always been forced with MILLIONS of lives lost. And that's ok with them. 


Thank you for visiting "Ameritianity" for Politics from the Intelligent, Christian Worldview.

Phil Morris, Editor

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(I can't help it that I'm Intelligent)

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