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Isaiah 55:8-9.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways,"

declares the Lord.

"As the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts."

Romans 1:20

"For the invisible things of him from the 

creation of the world are clearly seen, being 

understood by the things that are made, 

[even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that 

they are without excuse."



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See what real scientists say


You’ll See.


When you look around this world of ours,

When you see all of it that you can,

It doesn’t take much to realize,

It wasn’t created by just any man.




You study science and understand,

That our Earth is just the right distance,

From the Sun, Stars, and from the Moon,

And any closer, Mankind would not be in existence.




That if the water didn’t evaporate,

And warm and cool and fall,

There would be nothing with which to irrigate,

No life on Earth at all.




If the Earth was tilted just a little more,

Or if it didn’t tilt at all,

We’d have the same season all the time,

No Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall.




Some say there is Evolution,

That everything started from a Bang,

That order out of chaos is the solution,

That no Angels ever sang.




How long would it take a car to evolve?

Or a house, a dam, or a plane?

How long would it take a math problem to solve?

Or to evolve a highway with another lane.




Science says matter cannot be “created,”

And it can also not be destroyed,

But yet we know it’s already here,

Which causes some scientists to be annoyed.




Everyone can look around and see,

All that’s been “CREATED” by the human mind,

Yet it’s all made of preexisting stuff.

Man has never created matter of another kind.




Many have come to place their faith,

In an Intelligent Design,

That God created everything,

And allows man to build and refine.




These people have seen the obvious,

They know there is something more,

Than what can be seen by mortal man,

It’s like walking through a new door.




Many have taken just a little faith,

In a Book written years ago,

That faith then grew with leaps and bounds,

They learned much that they didn’t know.




Once that little seed of faith takes hold,

When we surrender and say we don’t know,

When we hear the stories and facts from old,

We realize the truth begins to flow.




The Creator sent mankind on a mission,

To go throughout the entire world,

To tell everyone willing to listen,

That there’s so much more to life than just gold.




He tells us how He created us,

With talents, a heart, and a soul,

That He gives us power to answer His call,

That for us to have eternal life is His goal.




There are millions who started where you are,

They had no reason to seek or to find,

Every man arrives here with nothing,

As for Creation, we all begin, by being blind.




But then someone came with a story,

Of experiences that cannot be explained,

That a power and knowledge came upon them,

As God replaced doubt and they became unstrained.




That man who is Created by God,

Much like a machine that was built by a man,

Is designed to operate in a specific way,

It’s the only by the Designers help that he can.




You see we have a Heavenly Father,

Who wants us to be his daughters and sons,

There’s a way we become joint heirs with Jesus,

Those who acknowledge Him are the only ones.




You may feel that you don’t have the power,

To abide by the rules He has made,

But He knows how you are ‘cause He made you,

He has provisions for our imperfect grade.




Many have awesome stories to tell,

Of how they believed and began to see,

Of the power and peace that comes to live within,

They are people just like you, and that includes me.




For you see I have experienced so much,

As with all some was good some was bad,

Loss, suffering, pain, fear and such,

Some things I wish I never had.




But God works in mysterious ways you see,

Ways unthought of by folks like you and me,

He has made many plans for us,

As to how He’ll offer to make us to be.




He fills us with what’s called His Spirit,

He surrounds us with Angels too,

He offers to guide us through this life,

Offers Eternal life to me … and to you.




But He gives us a Choice … Free Will it is called,

Some will accept His offer, some decline,

This is that one time in our lives,

When a surrender becomes the sublime.




I have personally experienced how His Power,

How His love, His mercy, and grace,

Has come in to my life and that of others,

And has made our world a new, amazing place.




We are praying for God’s intervention,

In your life like He has done with ours,

We just admitted that we needed a Savior,

                           From this world and from known evil powers.       Author: Phil Morris 2018


You’ll See!


This "Ameritianity" website has numerous pages of Bible Study that includes beautiful messages from writers who express their Christian Experiences in music. Most have an accompanying relevant Bible Study reference. We hope you will take advantage of these as you seek God or simply want to review.


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Phil Morris, Editor





See what real scientists say

The God of "RE"

Psalm 148: All creation sings the maker’s praise

Psalm 149: Praise the LORD. Sing to the LORD a new song, his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.

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