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Godless Progressivism in America, along with "Humanism," is nothing more than an American version of Godless Communism renamed to make it more acceptable in the USA.


General James Green

IF one studies the Communist Manifesto alongside the Humanist Manifesto 2, one will discover a great deal of overlapping of goals, attitudes and programs, like ideological twins. The first and foremost thing that both manifestos do is abolish eternal (Godly) truths, all religion, and all morality, except that which promotes their propaganda.

Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, taught that middle-class "respectability" had a selfish agenda, and it often concealed its agenda by using a pretense of brotherhood, sisterhood, or Christianity to cover an underlying profit motive. Robert R. Wicks talks about Marx's doctrine in his exposition of the Epistle to the Philippians: "Suspicion of middle-class virtues like disinterested friendship and brotherly love has always been part of their [Marxists] revolutionary propaganda. But they have believed that these unselfish virtues would blossom like the rose when the proletariat come to power, and a classless society had been made secure by the abolition of private property. Under the utopian rule of the workers, with no class exploiting another, there would be no betraying of one another," they assume. [Read Phil. 2:4 in KJV and RSV]

Humanists teach an identical theory to Marxism: if we knock down "religious barriers" and "do away" with God, we would all get along, and our society would be much better.

There is no doubt that Communism and Humanism are both hypocritical to the core! One thing you can count on: "Birds of a (leftist) feather flock together." Both are bent on a One World Order (Odor!). Their commonalities are greater than whatever separates them. Marx declared: "Humanism is nothing else but Marxism."

Enmity toward religion, especially Christianity, makes both systems militarily atheistic. Millions of religious peoples have died at the hands of these two beasts. Humanists may use various names and strategies . . . but they kill nonetheless. Dead is DEAD--by pen or poison. In the early stages of the Bolshevik Revolution, Cheka executioners applied hammer blows to the back of people's heads to dispose of their hated victims; other victims' throats were cut with sickles. That was Communism in action.

Well, now, history has witnessed the effects of these great (supposedly) classless states. The sheer hardness and cruelty of police regimes, which are first executed as part of the revolutionary stage, become even more ruthless as an official policy, while love and sympathy and forgiveness and truthfulness are looked upon as "bourgeoisie" weaknesses. Where is the concern for all members of their "great" societies? Where is the equality? We gain understanding when we realize that the Voltairians; anti-cultural, mystical movements; Renaissance pagans; the Jacobin type of Free Masons; and secret societies, particularly the Illuminati, were all forerunners of Communism and Humanism.

Being "filthy dreamers," Communists and Humanists want to supplant Godly traditions with unGodly totalitarianism and atheism. Being zealous and enthusiastic planners, a New World Order is their highest dream. But, my dear readers, they still have to deal with the selfishness of man. Men love their freedom; therefore a dictatorship for the human "sheep" is needed.

Both Communism and Humanism refuse to admit that autocratic planning [i.e., planning for absolute rulership] degrades both rulers and the enslaved human sheep and is socially inefficient and wasteful. That doesn't matter to them, for men are as animals (anthropologically); indistinguishable from other species. Darwin and Marx were buddies, too; both the Communist Manifesto and the Humanist Manifesto 2 hold to evolution dogmas. During Mao's reign of terror in RED China, party education spoke of evolution, even saying that Darwin himself was not a being created by God, but had evolved from animals by "nature." Grant you, Darwin was an "animal," by nature, and that "animal" no doubt is in Hellfire right now!

Just forget about God as Creator when you speak of Communism or Humanism. Those are systems of "scientific godlessness"! The late Dr. Ratibor-Ray Jurjevich, Ph.D., Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, stated, "Darwin has been installed in the Humanist-Communist pantheon as its most deserving member."

Both Communism and Humanism claim man's reason as the only guide to reality. Both scorn the traditional human and Christian morality. Especially Humanists do this with seeming sincerity and from the nihilistic* assumption that a moral code deforms human beings. This is why we see sexuality so perverted today: anything and all things are permissible when it comes to sex. [*Nihilism is basically the rejection of knowledge, truth, traditional values, institutions, etc.]

America, which has its roots in Biblical Christianity, should know better than to play with the leftist "New Morality," situational "ethics," stimulation of sexual desires in the young (even very young children) with sex-"education," justifying perversions of every filthy sort, and more. Just consider the vile things on TV, in movies, in print, in music, art, IN PUBLIC!! Marriage is stupid to people these days. America murders her own children by abortion. Queers practically rule this already sick and dying nation. Porno is a billion-dollar business. Child sex for old perverts is expressed as "tasteful"! Venereal diseases of all kinds are totally out of control. Pre-marital pregnancies abound. AIDS is rampant, but is not even discussed these days because certain people in the U.S. don't want the public to know the real truth since it would cause great alarm.

Dr. Jurjevich explained that Communists support morally destructive Humanist campaigns only as long as they serve to weaken the nations they plan to conquer. In this spirit they eagerly joined the nihilistic Humanist sex-"education" movement and worked hard for it.

Jurjevich went on to say that countries that are already under RED slavery do not practice their doctrine of moral nihilism. They demand moral responsibility and a disciplined life from their youth; they abolish prostitution and persecute prostitutes, punish sex perverts (queers and lesbians, etc.), tighten divorce laws, and actually revert to the morality of, what he calls, "reactionary" nations.

For instance, RED Chinese frown on sexual experimentation of unmarried couples (at least they did when Jurjevich wrote about this in the 1990's). They also frown on pregnancy out of wedlock. It is considered a great disgrace. Jurjevich added that social disapproval bears grim consequences under totalitarianism, and sexual freedom is practically unknown. I'm sure a lot of this has grown lax over the years as the whole world has gone "sex crazy"!

The Humanists are really upset and deeply disturbed when technology, bureaucracy, and especially Godly morality, manipulate and modify humans without their consent. They rely upon clandestine "brainwashing" (a sly way of taking control of your way of thinking) thru sensitivity training, free sexual license, and other subtle teachings.

Is not the politically correct government of the U.S. guilty of these very evils? Try refuting sexual perversion and see if the "thought police" do not attempt to put you into a "sensitivity training" class to force you to accept God-hating perversions!

See if you keep a job as a Christian where "sexual tolerance" is practiced!

The Communists have always used coercive "brainwashing" and force to obtain their wicked results. Need I give numerous examples? For we have RED China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, the former USSR, and others, for proof.

Today in America, people's minds are grossly cultivated by various mediums: TV, movies, the printed page, news, satanic/cultic movements, music, politics, education, science, and the backslidden church! Yes, churches are leading the vanguard of Socialism (social programming) and Humanism. With liberal and sin-loving clergy leading the way, the dupes called Christians are being "liberated" as they discard old-time Godly rules and restraints. In the place of Godliness, they are propagating material prosperity; fornication and pre-marital sex; sexual perversions such as sodomite marriages, sodomite acceptance in the clergy, etc.; the loosening of Godly morals, ethics, standards; the denigrating of Divine authority; meanwhile, they are encouraging the myths of "once saved, always saved" and "we'll fly away in the sky (be raptured) at any time."

With all the above, the liberal church-crowd tells us that their doctrines will and are ushering in a "New Era," a "New Morality," or, as the government calls it, a "New World Order." They claim it is happiness, peace, prosperity, liberty and justice for all . . . except those stern-faced, Bible-believing Christians, who still believe in the old paths of God! Utopia for ALL--the "have fun in the SON" mentality covers nearly everyone. But I say, GROSS DARKNESS! There is no doubt that both Communism and Humanism have taken over the churches of America.

Why would anyone side with Communism and Humanism, knowing the results of both of these anti-Christ systems? These Godless ideologies have proven to be deadly to all who either embrace them or are forced to submit to them. Both are nihilistic: they deny ALL established moral values, from being truthful to respecting human life and not committing murder. Both are, paradoxically, religions in themselves.

The easiest way to loosen and destroy the morality of any nation is to present immoral ideas in ATTRACTIVE and RELIGIOUS disguises. Wow! This sounds like what has happened to America. Duh!

All one has to do is see who are the defenders of all the anti-Christian and anti-God elements in our society. You'll discover the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Also you'll learn about John Dewey, who is called "the father of American Education" or "the father of Progressive Education." He was an Atheist and a Socialist. He was the former head of the National Education Association (NEA).

Dewey's philosophy was akin to Marx's. Dewey was one of the 34 signers of the Humanist Manifesto in 1933, plus he helped in putting it together. Not only this, Dewey was president of the Fabian Socialist League for Industrial Democracy.

Numerous organizations and famous individuals have defended all the anti-American and anti-Christ organizations, and now there are hundreds of such organizations in the U.S.

In the book called Now Is the Dawning of the New Age New Order, we find out about Dewey's My Pedagogie Creed, written in 1897, and The School and Society, written in 1899. You wonder why and how the schools of America went from Bible-based to anti-God based? Well, here is the man who helped in that transition. In his books, Dewey wrote about how schools should be the instrument to construct an American socialist society. From that time on, our schools promoted the social unity out of which, in the end, a genuine anti-Christian education would prevail.

Let us not forget that the Rockefellers (one-worlders) fund communistic and humanistic organizations. In 1946 they boasted, "The challenge of the future is to make this world ONE WORLD--a world truly free to engage in common and instructive intellectual efforts that will serve the welfare of mankind everywhere." PURE COMMUNISM! PURE SOCIALISM! That quote is from "To Be God of One World," written by Robert Sersler, Light Publications (1993).

You've got to agree with me that most colleges and universities have gone RED; some more than others. Even the so-called Christian ones have forsaken the old paths of God. Having "Christian" professors teaching Marxist philosophy is common. Now churches across the U.S. are being or have been infiltrated by "Seditious Activities and Teachings." Who are we kidding about true Christianity in America? Our civil and ecclesiastical institutions are breeding grounds for anti-Christ revolutionary thought and action. The subversive forces at work have come "out" and dare any Christian to do anything about it!!

"They claim it is happiness, peace, prosperity, liberty and justice for all . . . except those stern-faced, Bible-believing Christians, who still believe in the old paths of God!"

Harry Ward, one of the founders of the ACLU, served as the chairman from 1920 to 1940 according to John Stormer's book, None Dare Call It Treason. Ward was called the "Red Dean of the Communist Party" in the religious field by an ex-Communist, Manning Johnson. Johnson also called Dr. Ward "the chief architect for Communist infiltration and subversion." Why? Because Ward taught "Christian Ethics" (whatever that is according to the RED mind) at Union Theological Seminary in Boston, Massachusetts.

Another former Communist, Ben Gitlow, testified that certain leaders "were of the opinion that clergy men with Dr. Ward's point of view, using the cloak of religion, could render service of inestimable value to the Communist cause in China and Soviet interests" (from Dr. Cathy Burns' Billy Graham and His Friends).

We all know that the ACLU consistently advances an anti-Christ, anti-Christian agenda. The implementation of Communism has always been their goal. In one issue of The Christian News newspaper (1993), under the title "What the ACLU Is For and Against," we read the following:

"Today, the ACLU supports legalization of child pornography, drugs, polygamy, and prostitution; abortion on demand . . . mandatory sex education, and tax exemption for Satanists. It opposes: Church tax exemption, home schooling . . . parental-consent laws, voluntary school prayer, prison terms for criminals, and public religious displays . . . Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg was a women's rights attorney for the radical pro-abortion, pro-homosexual ACLU in the 1970's."

Name after name could be listed and organization after organization also could be listed that either support Communism or are RED themselves. Of course Communism cloaks itself in many disguises to deceive the public . . . and the public thinks that Communism is dead or is at least very, very sick. Don't be fooled! It is more alive than you think, and America is in its grips.

The Commies and Socialists claim that the American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of "Liberalism" they will and have adopted every fragment of the Socialist program. That way, America will be Socialist without knowing it!

Dear Christians, take a good look at what we call the United States of America. Do we not see that the Family, Church, and State have been under an ALL-OUT ATTACK for years now? Can't we see that the enemies of Christ are succeeding in de-Christianizing America? Nihilistic ideas are confidently presented as "wonderful" and the Christian tradition as "horrible."

Communists and Humanists in America claim that life will be happier without moral restrictions. So, may I ask, have we become better off since we've pushed God out of our lives? Have we not become subhuman, even satanic? Has not this nation gone into a "Luciferian Revolution"? Have not the masses gone psychotic as men's characters have deteriorated at an alarming rate? Are we not witnessing a flood of anti-Christ teachers of disruption in all three units: Family, Church, and State? All the wicked infiltration is being done with the intent of building "a better tomorrow"...without God, of course! Only the worst is on the horizon.

Has not this nation been re-educated into nihilistic-humanistic-communistic ways of thinking and doing? At the pace that America is going, we can only expect, with horror, that the end results will be catastrophic, and soon. With a sick nation as this, there aren't enough social workers, psychiatrists, and psychologists to meet the needs (and besides, they are part of the problem!).

Top Communist thinkers, from Lenin to Mao, all said that the West could and would be infiltrated, deceived, and enslaved. The 1960's youth revolution proved this to be true. But Communism and Humanism were already embedded in the American fiber before that.

Deceptive communistic and humanistic tactics have and are blinding the people with propaganda. Is not RED China right now stripping American factories and stores? Are not millions, even billions of dollars going into that anti-Christ country from America?

The Communists repeat endlessly the LIE of "liberalization" and great freedom. All the while they dupe millions. So Communism continues to grow. Granted, it has taken on many different faces thru the years, but underneath is the dirty Devil himself, the enemy of Christ and His people.

In summary, de-Christianization is the basic purpose of all political, cultural, spiritual, and ideological moves of the leftists--Communists, Socialists, Humanists; secularists, occultists, rationalists, liberals, sex perverts, and so on.

Naturalistic (animalistic, beastly) morality is guiding the masses, both privately and publicly. Brutalities are escalating since men, women, and children are considered no better than animals; only on a higher plane. And the Church has grown so cowardly and apathetic that Satan has no opposition. Some folks in America may pitifully complain about this situation, but "when push comes to shove," they will not engage the enemy. As Dr. Jurjevich, who lived under Communism, stated, "These enemies of Christ are motivated by a perfidious insight that human herds are more easily managed if there are NO STRONG MINDS, raised upon the Christian faith, to oppose the heathen totalitarianism."

As the years race on by, millions are enslaved, brainwashed by evil anti-religious trends and sick relativism. We might seriously ask ourselves this question:

"Does A.D. stand in Western culture reality for Anno Domini, the year of the Lord, or Anno Diaboli, the year of the Devil?" "The Marxist [and Humanist] demons conceived by falsehood, and nurtured by ignorance, must be exorcised by truth."

--Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, founder of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade


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