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and Supporters where we study God's Word, America's unique founding, and how both

must be considered in order to have a Safe, Peaceful, Prosperous Nation.

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Justices & Leaders have Declared America a "Christian Nation"

America will not survive if we allow those who are in Rebellion Against God to be in leadership positions. We must realize that those in Rebellion have always sought to "Divide & Conquer" and that's what we have in America. Honesty in Elections v. Ends Justifies the Means. Women v. Men. Black v. White. Constitutionalists v. Revisionists. Every nation has been established upon the general belief system of a Religion. Revisionists seek to "Reestablish" America upon the Godless Religion of  Humanism. Will the believers in God come together, rise up, and "Reestablish" America on the foundation recognized by our Founders?

Click below to see more truth about the thoughts and beliefs of those who helped found America and those who followed. Then see the Bible Study on this topic HERE.

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