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"Exceptionalism" or "Acceptionalism"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is American “Exceptionalism” being destroyed by American “Acceptionalism?”

America was built upon the Judeo-Christian principle that man has been endowed by our Creator God with the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Man, including government, existed under the authority of God.

Life was recognized as the first “right.” Human Life was to be protected as the most precious of creation. Taking of a life, whether by violent act or abortion, was illegal in each state in America. Without “Life,” Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are not even possible. This belief made America “exceptional.” It was understood that someone’s perception of the "Pursuit of Happiness" did not trump another’s "Right to Life."

Today, many Americans have become “acceptional” on the issue of life. Many ACCEPT challenges to the right to life, deferring to convenience, feelings, momentary preference.

“Sovereignty” was recognized as the right of America to exist apart from other nations and people. While we welcomed immigrants, the requirement that immigrants forsake loyalty to other nations, systems, and principles in exchange for acceptance in America was recognized as necessary in order for the “Exceptionalism” of America to continue to exist and thrive.

Today, Liberal Progressivism tells us that we should ACCEPT anyone, any system, any preference. That even those who come to America illegally should receive tax payer support and all the benefits of citizenship, including the right to vote, even if it affects the very existence of America. All should be welcomed even if their intent is to destroy America from within.

“Freedom of Religion” meant that, while America is clearly based upon Judeo-Christian belief and principle, no single Christian Denomination was to be declared as the official one of America. To be American meant that we acknowledge our Declaration of Independence, that we acknowledge the authority of our Constitution as Law, and that we acknowledge the concept of “Freedom of Religion.”

Today, we are told that we must ACCEPT people into America who neither acknowledge the Constitution as the basis of our Legal System nor who believe in the concept of “Freedom of Religion” and allow them an ACCEPTION to these basic principles while they seek to implement their own Legal / Religious system in America.

Leadership in America meant that people, having proven themselves worthy of such position, were given the privilege of serving in a STEWARDSHIP capacity of America, our Constitution, our Laws, our Sovereignty, our Freedoms, our Culture, our Standards. Anyone who failed to live up to this responsibility and honor would be removed.

Today we have “leadership” that states their intention of “fundamentally changing America and the world,” that seeks to “redistribute wealth” within America and around the world, that apologizes for American Exceptionalism or denies its existence. 

They ignore the rule of law. National sovereignty and borders mean nothing. They have stated that Americans are ready for “Socialism and Communism.” They operate on a belief that what exists in America must be destroyed in order to replace all things American with the new, progressive views. Evil rules in America today.

It is time to recognize that if all things can be American, then to be American means nothing.

The most evil thing one can do is to refuse to call that which is evil, evil.

We must choose between American “Exceptionalism” and American “Acceptionalism?” They can’t co-exist.

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