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Jack london 08/16/20

Excellent! All of the church communities should stand up for and vote for, Trump! if they love this country, their freedoms, especially religious freedoms, and our sovereignty as a nation under God. Cause that will all change if Biden wins, in a NY second; and America will fall.


Comment to Ameritianity: All I can say is "God Bless You"...every time I come to your website, I feel so comforted and KNOW that I'm not alone. I wanted to put out a calendar of the 9/12 March on DC and you have some great pictures. Would you consider letting me use some and I would give the proper credit to whoever the photographer is. Please let me know if you would consider that. Your Name: M 


Comment to Ameritianity: I just heard about this site. It will now be added to my "favorites". I read up on Saul Alinsky -- boy is his writings scary. So much of what he preached is being practiced in the WH. This has to be stopped. Americans should read this and connect the dots. We have a Saul alinsky diciple as a President. Wake up!!! Your Name: Rae Gepes 


Ameritianity, you are a man of many words. You have been listening when Obama speaks. You wrote a very informative article about what the Obama administration is trying to accomplish. Please keep up the good work getting this message out for many have become "deaf, dumb and blind" to what Obama and his CZARS are all about. Finally many are waking up and listening to Obama's' words of "convenience". He did go to Europe and "bad mouthed" his own country. Did he not know that while the people would cheer him own, like a rock star", for putting down America, that it also put himself down at the same time. He lost their respect. He also put ALL of men and women in uniform in harms way in doing so. Please pray that God will have mercy on us all. Bring prayer back into our schools among many other things and if it offends someone, don't apologize. Our Men and Women in the Military are fighting so we will have those rights protected. When you go to bed at night, sleep tight because they are willing to protect those very freedoms that this administration is trying to take away from us. Anita G. 


Comment to Ameritianity: It is so refreshing to see that there are some out there who are trying to save this country from those who would destroy it. Keep up the good work. Name: Ruby Wilson 


In a message dated 3/10/2009 12:09:41 A.M. Central Daylight Time, ruth.annd:

What a wonderful website. It needs to be broadcast for all to read. I am beginning to feel hope. So much of the anger, frustration, and defeat I have been experiencing is written on this site by others. I am beginning to feel there is hope ? we will survive this mess, and triumph again ? with Gods help. He had a reason for allowing this President to enter office. It was to wake us up and get us on our feet and working to restore this country to what it once was!! We need to understand that freedom isn?t free, to be taken for granted. We need to work for it every day. R.A.Danielson 


hey i found yall's website on the comment section of Foxnews. I would like to become a member.

Thank You for always putting the Lord and our beloved country FIRST.




Just happened on this site through Fox News site. God bless you and thank you for it. When God helps build a nation, He should not be forgotten. His patience will not last forever. God bless you, Nancy 03/20/09 San Diego CA 


Dear Ameritianity,

Thank you for replying to me. My husband is a civilian contractor in Iraq. He has spoke to many of the men and women(military and contractors) over there in Iraq and they are very interested in your site. I hope you don't mind that I passed your link on to people that love our country and the Lord.

God Bless You. Samantha L. 


Ive, read what is on your site and im letting it sink in. It seems to clear, obvious, and logical, so whats the catch? Oh, and dont forget pro-American. I went Independent in the first term of Bush, because im discussed with the Republicans, they are no longer conservative and the majority of the liberals hate America and/or Americans. Having super liberal in-laws and having tenants that are black, I can see why Obama won. The whites voted for him because of "white Guilt" and the blacks voted for him, just because he is black, either way it doesnt matter to them what he stands for. Well, its a relief to see like minded people out there. John H. 


Really loved visiting your site, (I also found the link in the comments on Fox News). Especially liked the page about Obama being a narcissist. Keep fighting the good fight, we will take our country back. We are fighting the same fight and have God and Country pages as well. The Patriotic Resistance Thank You, Dwayne 


I found your website while surfing comments on Fox News also. I have been hoping I could find a Conservative Christian website where we can express our opinions with the Lord and our Christianity in mind. Thank you. Be blessed. Grace 


Dear Ameritianity,

Thank-you for this wonderful web-site! It is my belief that the big difference between Democrat and Republican is that: Democrates understand that government is by the people, for the people under the people. Republicans understand that government is by the people, for the people under God. Democrates believe in whatever the majority wants, that there is no power higher than themselves. Republicans believe that God is in control and governs everything. Thank-you once again for your insightful information, I will be passing this site onto my friends! Cindi L

Thanks for the add, I think this appears to be the ultimate site, for like minded Americans. Sherry W-F 


Thank you, thank you for this site! Praise our Lord and Creator for His goodness in our lives . . . Jackie 


Wow a real Christian web site thank God i was led here by a young woman on one of the fox news comments pages. Jerry Ludlow 


Comment to Ameritianity: I grew up believing what the popular culture said about religion and Christians. As the years have gone by I've come to realize that I was sold a false bill of goods, that things like lanuage and religion are what bind a culture together and we exclude religion from our public discourse at our own great peril. A democratic republic cannot function unless the politicans are chosen from an educated and moral citizenry and the Founding Fathers did everything they could to get that across in the Founding Documents and it seems the collectivits, Statists and Progressive types have spent the next 200 years trying to convince us they didn't. Bottom line: I'm still struggling with my faith, but I've become aware of the role that faith needs to play in all our lives. Keep the faith brothers and sisters better days will come. Shoey 


I found this site while reading Foxnews comments. I am so tired of all the Christian bashing and the hateful remarks toward conservatives, republicans and Christians. It is wonderful to find this site full of like minded people who are smart and educated. Thank you and God Bless. C. Poynter 


Dear Ameritianity, Thank you for a wonderful website. It is good to know that others feel as I do about the moral decline of our Country. I only had to read one single line on your Home page, "there is no common ground" to know this was a site for me. I will be keeping all of you working behind the pages in my daily prayers. May God give you His grace to continue your work. Elizabeth C. 


Comment to Ameritianity: Your quote above from the Constitution is the answer to this moral dilemma of Abortion. Our Founders saw things very clearly and did not merely stumble across the statement on accident. "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." Each word is superior to the one that follows it, therefore Life is above Liberty or the Pro-Choice mandate at a woman's right to abort. In the same way, Liberty is superior to the pursuit of happiness. Again, the ordering of the words was no accident; this is the same way God has created the world. Andy 


Hi, great website. I tried to find your Facebook group but I had no luck. I even tried various spellings and partial words, but no luck. I’m an active fb user, so what’s wrong? Linda S. 


NOTE: We are "Ameritianity Members" on FaceBook

Comment to Ameritianity: Found your web site today. I like what I see. Without a grass roots movement to save our country, our traditional way of life will go away. Rick 


Dear Ameritianity, may God Bless all the good people who wrote in to comment on your website. And may God Bless all of you at Ameritianity for what you do.

Thank you and God bless our great country(even if the anti-christ is in power right now) Larry (Vietnam 1964-1968) 


Thank God, I found this site, sometimes a person can feel so alone. Jeananne 


Keep up the good work and spread the message. Bill G. B 


I am glad to finally find a website that deals with the current political landscape from a Christian perspective. I agree with almost everything I've read so far. Just one problem for me. I don't see any information concerning who is responsible for production and maintenance of the site. It gives me pause. Knowing who is behind the scenes would remove any reservations I have. Ron 


I love this site because factual articles, links, statements are made. I try to post a link to this website for on every post i make on left-wing blog spots, hoping the messages here will wake them up and make them aware as to why they need Christ and to make them aware as to the damage Obama and Congress are causing our nation. God bless those at Ken H. in Alabama 


God bless you all. i am old but i am willing. what can i do to help? Lorianne 


Thank you for posting this on my wall I sent this out yesterday to all my members of Heal Our Land Patriot Prayer Project. We all have the same heart. Rachel 


"GOD BLESS YOU ALL and THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! Thank you for adding me to your members list. I checked out your link. I will be reading it periodically for sure! Have a Blessed Independence Day. :)" Jeri D. 


Oh happy day....I am not alone! So glad to find this site! Ginger 


A lot of good and inspiriing information for the Christian American patriot on this page. I posted it to group "America, the Beautiful Christian Nation." Les 


Many Christians in America feel the presence of darkness that surrounds our great country. Homosexuality an abomination to God is rampant; the killing of babies through abortion is a sin (thou shall not kill) and millions of babies are killed every year; atheist are now tearing every word and every sign they can that has the word God in it, this makes God cry I'm sure. The Christmas nativities are no longer displayed because of a few that don't want to see them up (a reminder to Christians of the birth of their Savior). It is no longer politically correct to say Merry Christmas, etc. America is going down the drain ever so slowly. I believe the only way to bring America back is through fasting and praying. Getting down on our knees and asking God for forgiveness, asking God to forgive the land, to forgive those that mock Him, and to heal the land that we love. I'm sure that God loves America as much as we do, after all, America was dedicated to Him hundreds of years ago; and Mr. President, America IS a Christian nation, how dare you say it is not.

What to do? There is a great book written by James Robison "The Soul of a Nation". This book is so awesome, and right for the time. In it you will find 30 days, 30 issues and 30 prayers for America, to bring it back to God. I have bought 32 copies and have distributed them to the ladies in my church. They will read it, and when they are done with the 30 days of prayer, they can continue and start again, or they can pass it along to someone else to read. I don't know if you will print this letter or not for others to view. I just thought I would tell you from my heart what I believe in. Blessings, wendy soto 


I Love this site may God Bless you, and Bless Our Country. Betty 


What a wondeful website this is! I am always looking for good, conservative political websites. This is chock full of news. People: You need to understand what is happening in this country. We are LOSING our FREEDOMS, way of life, etc. We have to unite and fight this tyranny that sits in the White House. No time to waste! jledoux4@ 


Comment to Ameritianity: this website is like the sound of the loving and protecting G-d to nursering HIS, (which is inside of all of us - the holy spirit...VERy VERY NICE IMPORTANT AND BEAUTIFULL...Thank you! Erzsebet N. 


THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this vitally informative, important and wonderful website. What a blessing.....God Bless You, M. Sherman 



This is a great website. I learned of it from a comment in an article on I have told all my contacts about your website. There is just one thing. I am a detail-oriented person, and I noticed in the sections on the left-hand side of the home page in "sacrifice for others" that the word sacrifice is misspelled. I have done proofreading in the past, and I noticed the error immediately. I just thought you might like to know. As soon as I have time I'm going to read over every part of your website. Thank you!!


Comment to Ameritianity: Just marked your link on my favorites. I found it on the Fox Nation web site. I, too, believe that separation of Church and State should apply to the administration, as well as educator in Florida.

Your Name: Donna F. 08/23/09


Lynne Welke commented on your link: "what a great site. Thank u so much for turning me on to it." 10/18/2009


I am the coordinator for the Life Chain, we are having it this weekend as we live in Hot South Tx and we get a better turn out in cooler weather. God Bless you in all you do! Patty E. 10/21/2009


I saw your web page as I was reading the comments on, I was reading how our Pompous President, was going to allow the Russians to come to our country and inspect our entire nuclear arsenal. The Russians will always be communists, I think this is a frightening time in our history, but I found comfort in your website .I pray things will get better in this greatest nation on God’s green earth! 10/16/2009 L. E. Flannery


Comment to Ameritianity: God Allows, BUT he doesn't always agree. Joan M Drum 08/24/09


It’s a very good website. We all need to stand up and fight. Fight as hard as we can then fight harder. I'm tired of my gov. taking over my life (and I'm a three war vet). Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, etc. is killing our country and the Veterans Administration is killing our Vets. Randy 08/24/09 


Comment to Ameritianity: Oh my gosh, I can't believe I found this website! It is wonderful, full and full of so much information. I am so upset by the direction I see our country going and yet when I try to provide an argument to counter anyone who agrees with our President, I'm told I am not a Christian because if I was, I would want the President to succeed. I'm sending the URL for this site to everyone I know, and it's bookmarked in my favorites! Thanks!!!!!!

Your Name: Reba 08/23/09


Comment to Ameritianity: Hi. I found your website on Foxnews. It is excellent and a God send. My husband was given a DVD the other day at an county fair event. It is entitled "The Obama Deception." It is VERY revealing and very disturbing. Do you have a copy of that? If not, I can send to you. Your Name: Tom and Nancy Clay 11/04/2009

Comment to Ameritianity: Glad I found this site....Praying in Ohio

Your Name: Nancy 02/17/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: Love your articles, I get so sick of christians picking and choosing what verses they want to live by in the Bible, Your articles says it best. In the bible is states judgement starts in the church. Wow we are failing as christions; love your information. Your Name: Dana Argent Bush 02/10/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: Thank You for this Web Site - A Patriotic Christian

Your Name: Susan Inloes 2/3/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: Incredible website!Keep up the good work. God Bless

Your Name: La Donna 2/3/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: Thank you for providing a voice for truth against the destructive agenda of main stream media.

John 01/29/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: I prayed something like this that I may join and contribute to would appear...I am TheJamestownRoad...a Servant of YAH...THE MOST HIGH....Thank You and God Has Blessed You...LET'S USE THE BLESSINGS THE WAY JESUS SHOWED US...Cains Relatives are still alive....and around us...the Church of Philadelphia teaches that and also The Church Of Smyrna....Let's Take Names AND KICK DRAGON....

Your Name: JAMES DANIEL 01/28/2010


I finally have a place where I can send people to understand what I believe. People are always changing my "label" (Conservative, libertarian, Evangelical, etc) and I don't really like any of them. Now I can proudly tell them I am an Ameritian. Thank you and keep the site going! Mari in Alabama 01/26/2010


I love your site and support the same views.We are still being persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ and He/God is slowly being erased from our entire culture and that's a frightening path. We must fight back. Stanley A. Cobb 6/14/2010

I love the material on your site. My dad's stood-down USMC from 1968-69 and knows full-well what If We Are the Body by Casting Crowns is about. Pray for him, he needs Jesus really bad. He needs delivernce from alcohol real bad as well. I feel like I really messed something up when. Dena 5/12/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: Thank you for the valuable information that you give on this site and for everything you stand for. I love listening to the music of the different Christian Artists and everything that you offer - you are an inspiration of hope in these troubled times. Thank you! Pat Harrell 08/01/2010


Comment to Ameritianity: I loved it when I clicked on your link: "The Faces of Power?" You should have a page of political cartoons, too. Lynn 07/28/2010


Roxanne Wade Davis wrote:

"It was one of the saddest days of my life. I remember it like yesterday. My heart just broke for all those who died and those running to escape."


Dena Clauss wrote:

"Terrible. A real life changer. Truly traumatic."


Cheryl Woods Jackson wrote:

"I was on my way home frm taking my children to school when i heard it over the radio, i went into th house and saw it! I was shocked and stunned and couldn't stop crying for days!!!!!!! The devestation and the people running and the responders crying!!!!!!! It was one of the worst days of my life!!!!! I will never forget!!!!!"


Brent Blonigan: "Being numb..."


Janet wrote:

"your birthday? Oh, no! I remember taking Laura to school at McKamy and hearing on the radio that a plane had hit the WTC, thinking it was a small plane. Came home, turned on the tv and watched it all day and cried. Ken was in Orlando and drove home because the planes weren't flying. What an awful day."


Peggy Laurie wrote:

"I was at work and unable to leave but all of us in the office were glued to the radio. I was in shock and numb and sad but also infuriated. My emotions were just jumbled. Prayer had a major calming effect."


09/11/2010 Deanie Sullivan wrote:

The Day Our Country United......For days, months and years after the devastating attacks Americans and

the world united in an unspoken bond. For the first time in years Congress came together in a totally bi-partisan unity. America and countries from around the world openly shared their grief.

Oliver Warren posted on your Wall.


Oliver wrote: "Happy Birthday! Enjoy your Special Day and God Bless you and your family."

Rorschach wrote: "Happy Birthday and God Bless! Be well my friend."


Becky Musick Hanshaw wrote: "♫♪ Happy Birthday Patriot!!! ♫♪"

Kenneth O'Day: "Driving to work, seeing the smoke, the traffic backups, the news reports, and an ex-con road service guy crying on the shop radio as the 2nd plane hit. NJ/NYC/CT came to a standstill. And wondering if any friends were in the city working that day. Big difference actually seeing and smelling the smoke than watching the news reports ......"


Mo Clark wrote: I remember that day, I was watching the news and I could not believe what I was seeing. I supposed to fly out Sept 12th for my 28 day work rotation at the ESSO (ExxonMobile) Kome Drilling Camp in Chad, Africa. All flights in the US were grounded for a week. When I did fly out the next week, security was very, very tight at all the airports. Everyone, around the world, was still trying to figure out what had happen...I could not believe that innocent people were killed in such a terrible way...


Jo Ann Letourneau wrote: 9-11, started out such a typical day, in my ( 2 time) All American City. Just an ordinary day! Things can sure change in a NY minute! 9-12, our tree lined street, became a flag lined street...I knew that we would soon be at war. I held my breath, because my daughter was serving in The U.S. Marine Corps! God Bless The U.S.A.!

Ragnar Danneskjold wrote: September 11th to me is the most emotional day of the year. My emotions run from being saddened to tears as I remember how it felt that day, and how it must feel to those who lost loved ones that day in DC, PA, or NYC, and extreme anger and hatred of the people who perpetrated this atrocity upon us.


Kathy Fortune Gilbert wrote:

"I have so many vivid memories of that terrible day that I will never forget. After all the horendous events were over and at the end of the day I will always remember sitting outside on our porch and looking up to the beautiful clear blue sky and thinking to myself that there are no jet trails at all, which was something we always saw when we looked up into the sky and clouds. It seemed so peaceful where I was but I was remembering all the pictures and people I had seen throughout the day while I was at work and we watched the days events on a TV. I remember feeling goosebumps all over as I pondered over what had happened. The families and friends who lost their loved ones on that day have been on my mind today and I pray for them and all the little babies and children who were left behind."


PJSPOODLES wrote on 09/20/2010....

I just returned from a trip to Hawaii. We took my 85 year old Father who served in the Navy after Pearl Harbor. We were there on 9-11-2010. Hundreds also were there and what an experience. My Dad was treated with the utmost respect by everyone and thanked for his service by too many to count. they took pictures with him. He said it was the best moment of his life. His generation gave and gave and gave till they could give no more and yet they gave more. We watched an old widow be escorted by a member of each branch of the Military while she carried her husband's ashes to be buried at the watery gravesite. 900 Americans are still in these watery graves.The smell of oil is still so strong that it shocked me and to my surprise I shed tears. All that came were proud to be American never ashamed like our First Lady. I don't care if your purple with pink polka dots we should all be proud of our Country. Only in America can you rise from the bottom to the ultimate success. All races have paid the ultimate price for their Country and to maintain our freedoms. Please think for a minute what America would be like if Hitler or Hirrohito had won? Now we have a different enemy even worse than before because they come from many places and they pretend to want the American dream. The true agenda is to kill it and replace it with a barbaric ideology disguised as a religion. They trample and destroy civil rights and women are reduced to mere wombs to breed more Muslim men. Look at both Pearl and 9-11 and you'll see what they are really about. These are monsters with no respect for anybody and whose only goal is domination. Some "peace" we will have, how many will die at the next attack, 10 cities or 10 States or all? It is so hard to see journalists spin the words around to make it all sound rosey. When will the whole Country wake up to the wolf in sheeps clothing in our midst and the enemies in our own government. Let's restore our Country. Another shocker was in Hawaii the Feds have taken over the land where sugar cane and pinneapple used to grow. It will now make organic fuel but it was nothing but dead fields now. More dependence on foreign countries for our food.


DouglasPaul wrote:

"I had just fallen asleep with the television on after a long night shift. I remember dreaming about being at war on U.S. soil... I woke up abruptly to a voice from the television saying that the Pentagon had been attacked. I spent the rest of the day watching every second of the events that were televised that day. I remember it as if it were yesterday. "


Aaron wrote:

"I watched people jump and burn to death. I watched as the towers fell and consumed Manhatten and the area with black smoke. I stood on the rubble for 3 days and nights shifting thru it to find my friends who never came home. I remember picking up body parts, watch's, fingers, rings and wallets. I saw true Americans joining together to help fellow Americans...What I didnt see was the 3rd world countrys we help out lend a hand. I didnt see any one helping the U.S.A out."


Regina wrote:

"Execellent! "Fundamentally Change" was the statement that should have got everybody's attention. If I was a reporter I would ask him exactly what he meant by that, today. He wouldn't be able to answer it without lying or skirting the question. His mouth will be his demise as he slowly deteriorates." 11/03/2010


Subject: Vote Pro-Life: There is no other issue of singular importance. The obligation for Christians to uphold and defend life takes precedence. Find out which candidates are pro-life. Look at all candidates in all races, from dog catcher to governor to Congress. If they use terms like "freedom of choice" and "reproductive rights" they are pro-abortion, and cannot be supported by a Christian in good conscience. Period. 11/03/2010


"YES Matthew IT is so True I was practicing witchcraft when JESUS found me and HE has changed my whole life. . .HE IS REAL. . .and I can tell by your testimony that you know The REAL JESUS. . .I thank and praise JESUS everyday for HIS Encounter in my life, Many Encounters that have revolutionized my whole life in ways I did not even know could happen. . .Bless you my Brother with the Shalom of JESUS all the days of your life. . .Until we see HIM in the Clouds FACE to FACE MJ ; 0" Michael Judah Farr 10/13/10


"@Michael - Thanks for posting that. I was completely 100% committed to my Jewish Faith, had Christians pray for me and had more than an encounter with Jesus. Today I'm a born-again Christian and also a "completed Jew." My eyes were opened to Him."

Matthew Cloner 10/13/10


Barbara wrote - 12/17/2010:

"This is a great site! There are so many things on it and I love the links to the Military sites. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I will bookmark your site. I am looking for suggestions as to how to survive what is coming, I realize that Christ is in control and that the outcome has already been decided, I just want to prepare in any way that we can. I would welcome any suggestions! God bless you and your family!"



I completely agree with Trump, with you, with many others. I've even noticed how previously reasonably Moderate-to-Conservative on-air hosts on

@FoxNews have recently begun cutting-off guests if they're Conservative, interrupting them, negating their statements. It's awful now




Stead fast, high visibility everyday ...... Thank you Patriot!




Betsy Glowing starGlowing starGlowing star🕊Flag of United States

The left is humongously psychotic and massively dangerous!



Democrats have been getting away with double standards for many years it’s time GOP puts a stop to it!


Hort 08/16/20

I agree! We are very lucky to live in the greatest country in the world


The TRUMP PAGE 08/16/20

Loved it!!


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