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When we speak of being a Witness or giving a Testimony of our faith, we sometimes fail to share what we have actually witnessed that we can give a testimony of.

In addition to sharing The Word of God, and sharing what we have read and heard, of great importance is sharing our experience and those of others that we have seen.  

Two things come to mind when I think of being a Witness & sharing my Testimony. One is that we become a Child of God, an eternal Relationship. We receive The Holy Spirit which allows us to see things differently and to change our views and objectives. We are called to live life differently and we are provided with help in doing so by The Holy Spirit.

Secondly we begin a Process by which The Holy Spirit that God provides to us, helps us to change. Sanctification. This process allows us to make changes in our lives by putting aside things of the past in our old life and moving more toward living life as a New Person.

The key to this is that we need not feel that we are not worthy or not powerful enough to live the life Christ calls us to live. On our own we aren't. But by accepting Christ and becoming a Child of God, we are empowered to do what we could never do on our own.

That which God requires of us, God enables us to accomplish with His Devine power. We are not alone. My Witness & Testimony is that, in my personal life and experience, In 1999 God took two people who were at their low point in life, brought them together, and by our surrender to the will of God and the Power we had within as Children of God, God led us to a joyful, peaceful, content life that we could never have imagined was even possible.  


The Gospel Film


There is no more important message for America today than the message found in "The Gospel Film."

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