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It was President Trump who brought up HIS CONCERN that America's ELECTIONS could be tampered with .... and OBAMA who said there was not way for anything to happen.


Obama tells Russia that he will have more freedom to deal with matters after his next election …. but for now has to try to FAKE-OUT the America People.


Obama says "No reason to publicly call out Russia."


 "President" Obama said "what is Trump going to do, wave a magic wand" when doubting Trump's claims about bringing jobs back to America. Trump succeeded!!

Obama Always Lied About Healthcare

Oprah Says Some People Just Need To Die

Evil Leftists Democrats have long been willing to make KNOWN FALSE ALLEGATIONS against the ENEMY, force them to prove their innocence,  and once they do say "WELL HE DIDN'T GET ELECTED DID HE?" Whatever they do is justified in their sick minds as long as they win on the objective.

Liberals Like To Say "America has never been great."

Millions & Millions disagree as Hundreds of Thousands have Fought & Died to Make And Keep America Great.

Most who fought & died were White.

Most who fought & died were Christians.

Everyone who voted to free the slaves was a White Man.

Everyone who voted to give the vote to women was a White Man.

DEMS: "We've got to change boys & men."

Fast forward to 34 minutes to see the DEM attempt to end "TOXIC MASCULINITY"

Hillary Agreed With Trump On Immigration

"The FBI DOES NOT REACH conclusions ABOUT anything" - "You are presumed NOT GUILTY" - Joe Biden

Is Chuck Schumer 2 faced, 3 faced, or 4 faced?

Bill Clinton Agreed With Trump On Immigration

Mexico Govt. Teaches Illegals How To Evade Justice


Our President has some information for you.


We Never Know Where Someone Has Been

Don't be afraid to Fail Big.

Don't be afraid to go Outside the Box.

Hard Work Really Works.

Doing a lot more … doesn't mean you are getting a lot more done.

It's not how much you have … it's what you do with what you have.

Put your slippers under the bed … so the first thing you have to do in the morning is get on your knees.

We Never Know Where Someone Has Been

God has made us unique …. be yourself because the organization needs you and already has others who are like you think you should be rather than being yourself.

Blades of Grass and Pure White Stone

The Greatest Generation

"While our banner of decency is torn

Debating over disarmament

Killing children before they're born

And fools who march to win the right

To justify their sin

Oh ev'ry nation that has fallen

Has fallen from within"

Clinton Collateral Damage

Clinton Detractors Tend To Die

Not To Mention A Supreme Court Justice

Anti-Fake News. Truth You Won't Find On The Democrat News

Obama Lied About Hillary Email

Turns out Obama DID know about Hillary Email account, communicated with her on it, and had his own illegal Email account.


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