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In most states, the Security Industry is regulated in order to keep criminals out of the business of dealing with customers security systems. ADT however developed a plan, "ADT," by which anyone could benefit by convincing people to purchase security from ADT. This system violated law since it allowed those who did not qualify due to criminal backgrounds to be compensated for essentially "selling" security systems. 


ADT & Protection One Security, both purchased by Apollo Global, a company HQ in Spain, used False Advertising in that they advertised that their companies would give away hundreds or even thousands of dollars in Security Equipment. This was not true. What the companies actually did was to not charge up front for equipment but they then INCREASED THE MONTHLY MONITORING FEES which meant customers WERE actually PAYING for the "FREE EQUIPMENT."  Many ADT licensed DEALERS also do this and these same offers are made by TELEMARKETERS.

As a Licensed Qualified Manager, Phil was prohibited from ignoring unethical or

 illegal conduct or actions by ADT, Protection One, TYCO, Johnson Controls, or Apollo Global.


RULE §35.12 Permitting or Allowing Violations

Any person who has applied for or been issued a license, registration, security

officer commission, instructor approval, school approval, or letter of

authority, shall not knowingly permit or allow any person to violate a provision

of the Act, rule, or any criminal statute.

Licensing and Registration Service

 Private Security Administrative Rules

In short, this is the "SECURITY INDUSTRY" for crying out loud!! 

You can't operate illegally or unethically in the "SECURITY INDUSTRY."

What part of this does ADT not understand?


Ameritianity: Chapter 4 - Sub-Chapter 2

Apollo Global, ADT, TYCO, Johnson Controls, and Protection One

So you want some specifics? These took place in Texas ADT, TYCO, Johnson Controls, & Protection One offices.

 NOTE!!  This page was last UPDATED on 02/07/2019. Links to documents are in BLUE and UNDERLINED.

Some incidents and situations reported on will overlap 

between the mentioned companies due to mergers and acquisitions. 

ADT & Protection One routinely violated regulations pertaining to the Sales of Fire Alarm Systems. Security Sales People with no license for the sale of Fire Systems handled these sales from start to finish without being under the supervision of a Licensed Fire Planner and NEVER received the required annual training.

Texas Insurance Code Chapter 6002 (formerly Article 5.43-2) Fire Detection and Alarm Device Installation and 28 TAC §§ 34.600 The Fire Alarm Rules

§34.616. Sales, Installation, and Service. 

(a) Residential alarm (single station). 

(1) Registered firms may employ persons exempt from the licensing provisions of Insurance Code §6002.155(10) to sell, install, and service residential, single station alarms. Exempted persons must be under the summer 2016 TIC Chapter 6002 and Fire Alarm Rules State Fire Marshal’s Office Page 21 of 33 supervision of a residential fire alarm superintendent (single station), residential fire alarm superintendent, or fire alarm planning superintendent. 

(2) Each registered firm that employs persons exempt from licensing provisions of Insurance Code §6002.155(10) is required to maintain documentation to include lesson plans and annual test results demonstrating competency of those employees regarding the provisions of Insurance Code Chapter 6002, adopted standards, and this subchapter applicable to single station devices.

(b) Fire detection and fire alarm devices or systems other than residential single station. (1) The installation of all fire detection and fire alarm devices or systems, including monitoring equipment, subject to Insurance Code Chapter 6002 must be performed by or under the direct on -site supervision of a licensed fire alarm technician, residential fire alarm technician, residential fire alarm superintendent, or a fire alarm planning superintendent for the work permitted by the license. The licensee responsible for the planning of all fire detection and fire alarm devices or systems, including monitoring equipment subject to Insurance Code Chapter 6002, must be licensed under the ACR number of the primary licensed firm. The certifying licensee must be licensed under the ACR number of the primary registered firm and must be present for the final acceptance test prior to certification. (2) The maintenance or servicing of all fire detection and fire alarm devices or systems must be performed by or under the direct on-site supervision of a licensed fire alarm technician, residential fire alarm technician, residential fire alarm superintendent or a fire alarm planning superintendent, for the work permitted by the license. The certifying licensee must be licensed under the ACR number of the primary registered firm . 

(3) If the installation or servicing of a fire alarm system also includes installation or servicing of an y part of a fire protection sprinkler system or a fire extinguisher system other than inspection and testing of detection or supervisory devices, the licensing requirements of Insurance Code Chapters 6001 and 6003 must be satisfied, as appropriate. 

(4) The planning, installation, and servicing of fire detection or fire alarm devices or systems, including monitoring equipment, must be performed in accordance with standards adopted in §34.607 of this title (relating to Adopted Standards) except when the planning and installation complies with a more recent edition of the standard that been adopted by the political subdivision in which the system is installed .

The following statement appears on ADT's ONLINE ETHICS REPORTING SITE. Turns out, even this is not true. SEE IT


We respect the confidentiality of associates who report business conduct violations. No retaliation means that if you report a concern in good faith, you cannot be subject to any adverse employment action including separation, demotion, suspension or loss of benefits because of the report."

REMEMBER: The ADT of today is what was ADT, Protection1, and ASG until recently. TYCO is now Johnson Controls.

Despite all the confirmed evidence of Retaliation and Age Discrimination by ADT toward a Disabled Veteran (we know ADT knows it happened because ADT fired the manager, Michelle in the Carrollton TX office, that did it . . . about a year later), despite all the evidence of a Hostile Work Environment, despite the Wrongful Termination while unable to work due to medical treatments for a tumor, there was never an apology, never a different job offer, ZERO compensation. Just another Multi-Billion-Dollar Company that gets away with all they can. We doubt that we will ever hear from ADT or TYCO (now Johnson Controls) about these issues. Makes one wonder what their Ethics Departments even do . . . other than seek to provide cover for their unethical, often illegal, activities. 

We have concluded that ADT conducts an orchestrated PR campaign of setting up visible "ETHICS OBJECTIVES & GOALS" to present ADT to the public as a highly ethical and law abiding company that can be trusted with the public's SECURITY . . . but at the lower Management and Front Line Sales Positions, all that matters is production, no matter how you get it. Loyalty to ADT is being an employee who is willing to compromise on legal, ethical and moral values "for the financial good of the company." And those at the TOP know it.

Is it more than just a pretty BROCHURE?  (SEE IT)

The Dilemma:

Once an injustice like this comes to light, what should be done by the Billion-Dollar Corporations, when faced with the reality that they have broken the rules of Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, and Morality, even Legality, . . . but they know that they have the Power or Authority to prevent such a failure from being dealt with. . . especially when it will "Cost" them "Money or Image?"


The SOLUTION to this Moral, Ethical, and Legal Crisis in America is for Americans to Standup Up and Speak Out about these issues, and SUPPORT those who do, become AWARE of who the culprits are, DEMAND that these actions cease, and STOP supporting those who share in the responsibility of this dangerous DECLINE in America. 

The best way to help us in our efforts is to buy the new book, get a couple for your unsuspecting friends and co-workers, and stop doing business with companies that act this way. One Insurance Company and one Electric company has recently made amends for their past wrong doings and we will not now be disclosing their activities. 

That is our goal . . .  "JUST FIX IT !!"

"Ameritianity" the Book is almost finished. Earnings from the book and settlements from companies wishing to make amends for past "oversights" will enable us to continue to seek justice in business & government, and to fund our efforts at assisting our fellow Veterans in their time of need. 

We know it's working. Our writings, research, and interpretations have been used verbatim in testimony before the U.S. Congress. A very large church made a widely circulated video based on our writings. Large companies have adjusted their advertising campaigns taking into consideration our expressed concerns. Regulators have contacted those they are supposed to regulate and have forced compliance. Major companies have made restitution once we bring their failure to light. Our goal is to get them to "do the right thing" and then take Legal Compliance, Ethics, & Morality more seriously. Some have had the courage to thank us for helping them to see their failures better. Our goal is NEVER to hurt or humiliate any business or individual.

Veterans are being assisted with our help. The most recent was a 72 year old widow of a deceased 100% disabled Agent Orange Victim in Fort Worth, Texas, living on a fixed income, who we helped get all of the past two years property taxes refunded along with the waiver of all property taxes on her home in the future saving her thousands of dollars each year and allowing her to remain in her home. She had no idea that she qualified for this valuable benefit. We never charge for the assistance we provide.

We have heard from THOUSANDS of Americans who have found value to what we have been doing here since 2008. 


If you would like to order the book, please drop us an e-mail here.

"Ameritianity" is proud to be able to assist Vietnam Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange obtain the benefits they are entitled to. Our editor / writer served right there with you.


Do you know a Vietnam Veteran who is experiencing medical issues but is not being cared for by the Veterans Administration or receiving Disability Compensation? See the qualifying diseases and more helpful information HERE or call us at   214-394-8952.

Do you live in Texas and know a Veteran who is now 100% service connected disabled but may not know that they no longer have to pay Property Taxes in Texas. Send them HERE or call us at   214-394-8952. 

Also, if you are or know the spouse of a deceased Veteran who may have died from a service connect injury, disease, or illness, they may also qualify. Many will qualify for a retroactive benefit including the reimbursement of taxes wrongfully collected.

While "Ameritianity" only works with Texas Veterans & Spouses relative to property taxes, other states may also have similar programs. Check with your states Veterans Associations.

"Ameritianity"  is a personal ministry 100% Funded by Phil Morris and a dba of Philmorr, Inc.  More

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