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JUST A BRIEF NOTE TO the relative handful of friends who read my posts on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & other Social Media where space is limited and express concern that I spend too much time on this stuff and it doesn’t do any good anyway.

Please don’t worry about me. I’ll be ok. I have done this since 1987. I have been quoted on the floor of the US House and Senate. My writings have been used in educational videos produced by Churches and Christian Organizations. I have reached as many as 700,000 Americans in a 90 day period and have been personally contacted by over 35,000 by mail or email in a year voicing support and appreciation.

In 1987 my full page newspaper writing - before Twitter or Facebook - resulted in my hearing from thousands and 2000 attended a pro-Oliver North rally at the civic center in Richardson, TX. And resulted in threats against my life.

Here is a link to some written statements I have received over the years from patriots.

Thanks for your concern but no need to worry about me. How many people hear your pastor speak in a year? How many respond in writing? No need to worry about my psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. But thanks.


Ok, as long as we are on a "True Confessions Mode" something else you didn't know. I had been in the insurance industry as an independent agent since 1973. In the late 1980's I began using Prudential as one of my P&C companies. I was their #2 producer in the nation for three years in a row. I became aware of some illegal/unethical activities taking place with Prudential & became involved in an investigation by the Texas Department of Insurance. Ultimately, Prudential paid a $2,000,000 fine in Texas, tens of millions nationwide, and made restitution in excess of $2.8billion. 800 managers & agents were fired. 

In 1994 Prudential illegally terminated my contract with the company, along with hundreds of other independent agents across the nation, declared that all my business was owned by Prudential, and began to withhold all of our business income. Prudential sued all their P&C agents in federal court. I led a group of 12 DFW agents in a court fight with Prudential. From April 1994 to October 1995 Prudential withheld in excess of $400,000 from me. Prudential settled with all their agents in June 1994 in favor of the agents. Except for me. 

When other companies I represented found out that I was the lead agent in the battle with Prudential, every company terminated my contract. Now what do you think a company you accuse of unethical / illegal conduct would do to the accuser? Of course they accuse you of illegal / unethical conduct . Think our system requires someone charged to be proven guilty? Think again. You have to prove you aren't guilty. Ultimately I settled in my favor with every insurance company that tried to destroy me. I was charged with a crime related to this in 1999. It was filed against me by the very staff attorneys at the Texas Department of Insurance who I had accused of colluding with Prudential . Games were played for FOUR YEARS. On the day in August 2003 when I was to go to court to prove I was not guilty, the charges were dismissed.

(somehow I can relate to all that has been heaped upon President Trump in the past 4+years. I also know that you can face tremendous power and evil, come out a winner but scared, ... and that you won't get much help from people along the way but they will thank you after you win for them)

So I have this thing about business ethics & morality. I began to work in the security business with companies like ADT & Protection One. I was absolutely amazed at all the unethical conduct, advertising, and non-compliance that takes place in the "SECURITY" industry. For example, I was the #1 or #2 producer for ADT in Fort Worth while there. Sales people were asked to come into the office a few hours a week to go online to make fake complaints against other security companies. Contract provisions were lied about to customers as managers would say "they won't remember what you told them in 3 years anyway." ADT had a required online ethics / sexual harassment program & test for their employees to take ... and local managers they set up a system to cheat on the ethics training & exam. Both companies routinely made false claims in the national advertising. 

In the mid-2000's, ADT & P1 were acquired by Apollo Global which had an Ethics & Compliance Officer at their headquarters. I presented my finding to Apollo Global and within two weeks, all ADT & P1 advertising was pulled, the lies removed, managers were fired, and many honest employees left the companies. Many contacted me to thank me for helping to fix a horrible work environment. NONE had assisted or supported me in my efforts.

In 2019 I had been working in the Texas Deregulated Energy Market and had led a company nationwide in sales & as an independent broker. In 2019 I became aware of a Retail Electric Provider claiming to offer "wholesale energy" to Texas consumers. I investigated how the company operated and determined that it was a disaster just waiting to happen. And it did. Texas customers were being hit in the summer with hundreds of dollars of unexpected charges a week to their pre-authorized credit cards for electricity. I went on GRIDDY's Facebook page and explained to consumers what my years of experience told me was wrong with GRIDDY's marketing plan. Over 800 consumers contacted me & I assisted them in getting away from their mess and into a better plan ... at no profit to me ( I’m retired). 

I had contacted the PUCT and GRIDDY. The company had made many false statements & claims in their advertising. GRIDDY's management contacted me. Ultimately GRIDDY lost most of their customers and their management team has been replaced. Last month GRIDDY’s new management contacted me and asked if I would like to broker their new energy plans.

I say all this to say this. You can do the right thing. Evil can be defeated. You doing the right thing will not create a lot of followers because I have found that the vast majority don't want to get involved to the point of being identifiable in a fight against what appears to be a more powerful foe. When you decide to take a stand, expect to be attacked by supporters of those you are taking a stand against AND by those who will say you are being self-righteous by even getting involved ... after all who is without sin. Doing the right thing is not done for personal gain ... because it will usually COSTS much more than you profit.

Another interesting thing I found is that when you bring issues to light to REGULATORS who are supposed to be REGULATING the REGULATED, don't expect much help because you just pointed out and made public the fact that the REGULATORS have been unsuccessful, complacent, or in some cases actually involved in the illegal or unethical conduct.

I see a lot of parallels between my business experiences and what is taking place in our political system today. President Trump has lost more personally in his desire to help America get back on track than any President in history and he had NOTHING to gain personally by serving.

So, telling me to sit down and shut up, to mind my own business, you can't fight city hall, the big guy always wins, you aren't smart or educated enough, patriotism is out of style, that's just your opinion, ....

.... I will just say you were proven wrong before you even opened your mouth. Think about finding a bandwagon or cause to actually get involved in and support those who do. This is meant to encourage you.

....and if you read this....well I just don't know what to say. Don't get me started.​

A great Pastor friend of mine once told me "... you can tell if you are leading by looking behind you to see if anyone is following you." That has some truth to it. But my experience has been "... to see if you WERE leading look to see if you had any followers AND look to see if your goal & objectives in leading were accomplished. Look to see how many people thank you for what you did AFTER you succeed because, most people don't have the courage to follow you when the issues are big. When the going gets tough, most people will get going away from you to avoid pain, loss, or criticism."

Pastor, if you see a lot of people following you, your goals & objectives may not be significant or valuable enough.

(Read the "Prayer of Jabez" ("Enlarge My Territory") - that's what sometimes motivates me whether it's in coaching, teaching, leading, following, writing.)



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