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Our Music for 2022

After a six-month illness, ending in a near death experience and open-heart surgery, our editor Phil Morris is back at work at "AMERITIANITY." This song is appropriate because it speaks of

 "Jesus Power, Healing, and Life."


1- Free Market Capitalism becomes GREED & WEALTH ACCUMULATION when Biblical Principles are ignored

2- Compromise w/ Godless Communism leads to self-destruction

3- Education without God leads to "everyone for himself" morality & ethics

4- "To whom much is given much is required" becomes "I have greater wealth which gives me greater power to demand that you do what I tell you to do regardless of God's instructions"

5- "The right to Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness" becomes "I have the right to demand my version of happiness regardless of anyone else's Life or Liberty"

..... because many of God's People remain silent, won't exercise their right to vote after millions of Christians have died to establish that right, won't support Christian Leaders because they don't agree 100% on 100% of issues, & have decided that hiding out in a Church building for an hour each week equals being "Salt & Light."


"Blessed is the Nation whose God is The Lord"

As Christians, we have the Responsibility to Pray for America and be involved in maintaining the Freedoms with which God has Blessed us.

"But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."

2021 - We can return to truly Worship Him!

Some like to lift up holy hands

Some like to dance like David danced

Some cry; others just smile

Some like to stand up; others bow

It's the heart that God sees

Offered in sincerity

In spirit and truth we are called

There's liberty in Him for all

When we worship Him

With our heart and soul

We can enter in

Where the river flows

It's a higher place

Up where the spirit blows

When we worship Him

Each one has their secret place

And their own garment of praise

And the joy that we're all searching for

Is found in the presence of the Lord

Click HERE for our written essay.

"We believe that the Moral and Ethical decline that has affected Government and Business is a result of the failure of Believers in God to take a stand, become involved, and retake America for the vast majority of Americans who DO NOT support the anti-American, Globalist, Godless, Communist, Socialist, Humanists who are embedded in our Business, Government, Education, Church, and the Press. We seek to do our small part. Please join us and let's see what we can accomplish.


'Freedom of Religion' does not mean to allow people into America who seek to use this freedom to destroy 'Freedom of Religion' by people of a 'Religion' who themselves do not believe in or practice 'Freedom of Religion.' 

'Free Market Capitalism' does not mean to do business with Nations that seek to destroy 'Free Market Capitalism' as we support their failed Communist / Socialist System. 

'Slavery' was not Abolished in America so that business would then Export America's Jobs to other nations operating under other economic systems which use essentially 'Slave Labor" to undercut America's Economy.

'Separation of Church & State' as presented by Thomas Jefferson was for the purpose of NOT having a single CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION become the official DENOMINATION of America, NOT for the purpose of destroying or lessening the impact of the Christian Foundation upon which America is established."        Phil Morris    (Bio)


© 2008 - 2022 Phil Morris

America's Christian Foundation 

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