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America's Christian Foundation & Our Continuing Responsibility

Chapter 1: “YES – America IS a Christian Nation”

Chapter 2: “Godless Communism in America … Under the guise of Progressivism & Humanism”

Chapter 3: “Obama … Fundamentally Destroying America”

Chapter 4, “Texas Injustice”   (is not yet public)

Sub 1: Insurance - Sub 2: Security - Sub 3: Energy

Chapter 5: “Governor Rick Perry & A.G. Ken Paxton … Criminalizing Political & Personal Opinions”

Chapter 6: “Taking American Business back from Globalism”

Chapter 7: “Business Fallacy #1 … Our #1 Goal is to Maximize Profits at all costs”

Chapter 8: “Constitutionalism … Enemy of the Democrat Party”

Chapter 9: “Gender, Race, Intelligence, Culture … Democrat Methods to Divide & Conquer America”

Chapter 10: “The Democrat Party … the Party of Deflection, Fear, and Confusion”

Chapter 11: “China … American Greed Created an Enemy”

Chapter 12: “PRESIDENT TRUMP … 'Violently' Dragging America Back to Civility”

Chapter 13: “America … The Second Promised Land”

Chapter 14: “America … Moral & Ethical Revival”

Chapter 15: “America … The Myth of the Wall”

Chapter 16: “America … The Tithing Nation”

Chapter 17: “America … The Myth of White Privilege”

Chapter 18: “God or Bang”

Chapter 19: “Calling Evil, Evil”

Chapter 20: “Rebelling Against God … Nothing New Here”

Update 01.17.19

The book is complete and ready to go to print with the exception of Chapter 4. As promised, we have given the companies and State Regulators an opportunity to respond and take any action they deem to be the Responsible,  Ethical, and Moral thing to do. Hopefully, it won't even be necessary to publish Chapter 4 if our goals are met.

We have been told that we will hear from SOAH and the Texas Department of Insurance by 12.31.2018. We have heard positive feedback from two companies and their actions in the past will not be included in the book. Allstate Insurance has responded in a negative manner and their actions in the past, and their ongoing current record of wrong doing, will be included in the book.  We received a phone call from another company, in the Security Industry, but have not heard since that one call.

Allstate's Response

Texas Attorney General Initial Response 

Our History with the Attorney General

$ BILLIONS $      We Just Said No

Payment to Texas Attorney General.

ADT - TYCO Initial Response #1

ADT - TYCO Initial Response #2

Progressive Insurance Initial Response

(TYCO was previously aka ADT and is now part of Johnson Controls.  We heard from ADT in 12/18 but nothing since. 

We also received a positive phone call from Progressive Insurance in 12/18.)

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America's Christian Foundation 

& Our Continuing Responsibility


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