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Proverbs 29:2

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."

The same moral and ethical decline we see in American government today is also present in American business. Are we to the point in America that we believe that in order to succeed in business it is necessary to cheat and fool others? To established an Ethics and Compliance Statement and then never look at or consider it again?

"Men are playing with fire if they lightly fashion their country’s laws and then trifle in their obedience to such laws." Truett

This principle applies equally to business Ethics, Policies, & Compliance. When employees see their superiors violating company policy and laws, how can lower level employees then be held to any standard of behavior?

Coming in early 2019 is our new book, "Ameritianity." 20 Chapters covering all the topics we have written about over the past Ten + Years. Including Faith, Ethics, Morals, Patriotism, and more.

Chapter 4 covers these topics. No charge for this very well documented true story of CORRUPTION & CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS:

4.1   The Insurance Industry - Click Now to Read

4.2   The Security Industry - Click Now to Read

4.3   The Energy Industry - Click Now to Read

Our editor has personally worked in these industries during his business career. He has owned insurance businesses, owned an energy brokerage company, and owned a security company. Some of the companies reported on include:

Prudential - Hartford - Progressive - Farmers - Allstate

ADT - TYCO -   Protection One - Johnson Controls - TXU Energy


(2) Write Letters demanding RESTITUTION!

(3) Enlist the help of others who seek a Moral & Ethical America.

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